Sanitary Bins in Surrey and London

It is vital to provide a sanitary waste disposal in female toilets that is both discreet and hygienic, allowing for a clean and pleasant washroom environment.

This service provides a sanitary disposal bin for your toilet cubicles. They are designed to fit perfectly beside the toilet, creating visitor comfort.

As part of the service, regular scheduled visits to your premises will be conducted by a fully trained customer delivery representative, who will exchange your feminine hygenie sanitary bins on each visit, to keep a high level of hygiene maintained in your facilities.

As is required for your business’ compliance with UK waste legislation, a transfer certificate is provided at every visit. This allows you to keep peace of mind and will ensure you that you are always providing a professional service for female clients.

Unlike most companies, our services are totally flexible within our 6 week servicing frequencies, allowing timetables to be tailored to your needs. Therefore we can provide daily, weekly or monthly service visits to meet your requirements with a quality and professional service.

The service provides your washroom cubicles with a sanitary disposal bin. The feminine hygiene bins are designed to fit neatly along side the toilet, offering added visitor comfort. A fully trained customer delivery representative will perform a regular scheduled visit to your premises. Exchanging your feminine hygiene sanitary bins on each visit ensures a constantly high level of hygiene is maintained within your washroom. At each visit a waste transfer certificate is provided, which is necessary for your business’ compliance with UK waste legislation. The service offers you piece of mind and ensures you are providing a professional service for your female visitors.

Sanitary Waste Servicing : To Suit You Whereas some companies may stick to a rigid timetable, you’ll find the servicing frequencies which is normally 6 weekly, totally flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs. So whether you need daily, weekly or monthly service visits, you can trust us to meet your exacting requirements with a can-do attitude and quality service commitment.

We are able to serve most of the towns in Surrey, such as Guildford, Woking, Godalming and Farnham, as well as towns in Hampshire, such as Aldershot and Farnborough and London. Unsure if we cover your town? Get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.