Quality Policy

The requirements of the British Standard for Quality Systems BS EN ISO 9001:2000 "Specification for production and for service installation" are detailed in this Quality Manual with procedural documentation provided in the procedures manual.

Green Clean commit themselves and all employees of the company to provide the highest quality of customer service and care giving full recognition and adherence to any agreed specification.

The Directors will ensure that suitability qualified personnel are trained and are supported by an effective organization with the resource to achieve high performance levels, thereby promoting the confidence of customers in the company.

It is mandatory that all employees strictly observe and execute policies, work methods and procedures published in this manual or others to which reference is made herein.

The Directors acknowledge that total quality assurance is only achievable by every company employee being actively and continuously involved in the pursuit of total quality through the proper planning, execution and monitoring of the tasks which are their responsibility.

The Quality Assurance Manager is charged with ensuring all published work methods and procedures are implemented, sustained and monitored, delegating responsibility to nominated Line Managers within their individual functional fields.

The Directors monitor this achievement and maintenance of a total quality service throughout the organisation, reviewing regular reports from the Quality Assurance manager encompassing recommendations collated by senior management to further improve the level of service provided to customers.

Where appropriate, the Directors, individually or severally, give direction to the Quality Assurance manager and/or Senior Management to ensure all policies, systems and procedures are properly implemented and maintained. The ultimate authority related to all aspects of the delivery of a quality service in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registration is that of the Chief Operating Officer.