Health and Safety Policy

General Statement

1. All reasonable steps will be taken by Green Clean Solution to ensure the safety of all employees engaged in all cleaning operations. Where employees are undertaking these operations the work activity will be subject to risk assessment. Any control measures found necessary as a result of the assessment will be introduced. Training and information required by employees will be provided.

Arrangements for Securing the Health and Safety of Workers

2. Green Clean Solution will perform the following:

a. Carry out, or monitor, risk assessments of work activities involving all cleaning.

b. Ensure all necessary measures are taken to reduce any risks found as a result of the assessment.

c. Ensure all equipment used in the operation is suitable, of good construction, of sound material and free from defect.

d. Ensure that all equipment is obtained from reputable suppliers and manufacturers and conforms to the relevant British and European Standards

e. Ensure that all plant and equipment used is clearly identified and regularly inspected and maintained.

f. Maintain a record system which identifies all company equipment used and logs each inspection, repair and maintenance procedure undertaken.

g. Ensure all equipment is stored correctly.

h. Implement a reporting system, so that employees' concerns are relayed to a responsible person and corrective action taken.