Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover my area?

We are located in Guildford, Surrey, positioned to serve both domestic and commercial customers all over the Surrey and Hampshire area. Examples of areas we clean: Guildford, Godalming, Woking, Aldershot, Farnborough and Farnham. For a full list on the areas we cover please click here.

How do I arrange my cleaning service?

You can book your cleaning service through the booking form on our website, by phoning, or emailing us.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning equipment and materials?

As we use environmentally responsible products we will supply all products for no extra cost. This ensures that our ecologically responsible philosophy is adhered to and there is no confusion when using cleaning products we are not familiar with. Unlike other cleaning companies we also provide all the cleaning equipment required such as vacuum cleaners, micro-fibre cloths and mops as we have carefully selected fantastic products that provide a professional clean whilst being efficient, such as our hypoallergenic hepa filtered vacuums; great for allergy sufferers.

What I want you to use my own cleaning equipment and materials?

We always provide our own chemicals for no additional charge. Our staff are trained to use only the products we supply them. Fo health and safety reasons they are not permitted to use products supplied to them by anyone.

Is there a minimum booking?

Our aim is to be as flexible as possible allowing you to get the exact clean you require. All our domestic cleaning services require only a minimum booking of 2.5 hours a visit. This does not mean we would be able to guarantee a spotless clean of a 10 bedroom house but instead allows customers who wants just a quick blitz of certain areas to get the exact clean they are after. After Builders Cleaning, One Off Spring Cleaning, and End of Tenancy Cleaning, generally require a minimum booking of 4 hours to get the clean required.

Do your cleaning services include professional outside window cleaning?

We carry out window cleaning in the Surrey area.

Do your services include carpet cleaning?

We carry out professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Can I have the same cleaner every time?

Yes, you will get the same cleaner every time. The only time the cleaner may change is if they take a holiday or are sick. We have a system in place to ensure this is dealt with in the best way possible. We will let you know and either agree on a replacement cleaner or arrange to clean another day convenient for you.

How many people come to clean my home?

Depending on the cleaning service required and your needs, we can work individually or our preferred method of cleaning in teams. For big cleans like end of tenancy and spring cleans we will typically work in teams of 3 or 4.

How do I pay for my cleaning services?

We accept cash, cheque and BACS transfer. To pay by BACS Transfer, please give us a ring or send us an email and we will be happy to give you the account number and sort code. Also, please make sure and include your Invoice Number in the reference for the payment.

Can my cleaner come when I am at work?

Yes, you do not have to be home when we come and clean. In fact the majority of our clients provide us with keys to their homes. However if you choose to be home while we clean we welcome you to do so. We understand that you may prefer to get to know us prior to allowing us to work on our own. We cannot however assume liability for injury to anyone in the home other than our own employees; therefore we ask that you stay out of our working area and off of wet floors.

How do you handle keys that are given to you to retain?

If you chose to provide us with keys to your home rest assured that we take the utmost care in protecting both your key(s) and your property, Keys are numbered, and never have names attached to them. They are only taken on the day of your cleaning and are checked back into our safe daily. If you choose not to provide a key, please be advised that we can only give approximate times for arrival. If we are unable to gain access to your home or business you risk being charged full rate for the lock out.

What happens if I move house?

Green Clean Solution will transfer your account to your new address if you are still located in the areas we clean.

What days do you work?

We work Monday through Sunday. Saturday's and Sunday's sometimes will incur an additional fee depending on the cleaning service required.

Is Green Clean Solution insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for your protection and peace of mind. We can provide proof of insurance at the time of each estimate. This protects your property against major accidental damage caused by a cleaner whilst on your property. All claims must be notified within 24 hours of the event.

What if some thing is damaged while you're cleaning?

We make every attempt to treat your home with the utmost of care and caution. If however we break something we will leave the item and a note for you and we will make arrangements to replace the item or to pay for it. Again, this in another reason why we are fully insured. Please note - if you have items that are of extreme value, either sentimental or monetary, we would prefer not to clean these items. For domestic properties only we do not clean plasma screens or other expensive electronic equipment that can be damaged easily. We also cannot be responsible for items that were previously damaged prior to our cleaning, improperly constructed, or are not fastened in a proper way.

Can you provide references from some of your customers?

Yes, we can provide references from our current customers.

What is the difference between Regular Domestic Cleaning and Spring Cleaning?

A regular domestic clean can be defined as a clean of the areas of the home that you have daily contact with; for example, in the kitchen it's work surfaces, hob, washing dishes, and mopping the floors. A spring clean is a much deeper clean. It means cleaning all of the corners of the house that you don't get to on a regular basis which means it takes considerably longer. For example, in the kitchen a spring clean would involve cleaning the oven, inside the fridge, inside the cupboards, internal windows etc.

Do you have a set of Terms and Conditions?

Yes, you can read our terms and conditions on our website by clicking here. Please read them carefully as they contain important information. If you have any queries about our terms and conditions you can email us. By ordering our services by telephone, e-mail, or through our website, you agree to be bound by Green Clean Solution's terms and conditions.

Do I have to do anything before you come to clean my home?

We recommend you to have the items around the home picked up as much as possible allowing us to be able to get to all areas, so that we can optimise your cleaning.

I have pets, what do I do with them when the cleaner is present?

We are of a firm belief that family pets are just like children. We enjoy working with them. If however your pet is afraid of vacuums or are raucous and will not allow us to do our work we may suggest that they be placed in areas that we are not working in.

What if I do not need my whole home cleaned?

We work with you to customise the cleaning to your needs. We have customers who have their whole home cleaned on a bi-weekly basis then have us come for just the bathrooms and kitchen on the opposite weeks. Tell us your needs and we will find a way to work them out for you.