Our Standards for Commercial Cleaning

Green Clean Solution provides high quality commercial cleaning services to various companies all over Surrey and Hampshire. We are committed to our customers image and to the quality of our work. Green Clean Solution considers it our responsibility to generate the highest levels of customer satisfaction achievable within our scope of contract cleaning service. We appreciate that you simply want the cleaning job done and that's what we do. We like to make this as simple for you as possible without the clutter and confusion.

To ensure our high standards for commercial cleaning are met and consitant throughout the contract period we have a variety of systems in place. These systems ensure everyone knows exactly what to expect, removing the possibility for standards to fall.

Here is a brief list of what do to keep your companies image at it's best:
  • We use efficient cleaning technology,
  • We will always follow your specifications and instructions,
  • Detailed cleaning schedules are given to all staff which are filled in after every clean
  • We carry out frequent management checks and reporting procedures,
  • Our cleaning staff have all been carefully vetted where required,
  • All staff are trained to BICsc cleaning standards
  • We have systems in place that record all issues and comments on the cleaning

Here’s a simple list of the most common issues we hear that customers face with their cleaning company and what we do to ensure we provide a consistently high standard throughout the contract.

1. “They started off well, but after the first month the standard fell substantially.”

Our detailed cleaning schedule is used every time we clean a building, not just in the first month. In addition we carry out regular inspections. These factors ensure that we maintain a consistently high standard of services.

2. “Supplies of items such as soap and toilet roll sometimes run out”.

We have a rigorous system in place that ensures that supplies don't run out.

3. “Our toilets are dirty, the cleaners don’t dust thoroughly, our rubbish is often not emptied”.

We believe that keeping toilets very clean is essential so our cleaners are trained to pay particular attention to the toilets. We also train our cleaners to pay particular attention to dusting - including under and behind fixtures and furniture, and to work in a systematic order so nothing is ever missed.

4. “We end up spending time managing the cleaning staff ourselves”.

We are here so that you don't have to manage the cleaning staff yourself; our detailed cleaning schedules and our insistence that these are followed every week ensures that you won’t need to intervene.

5. “Any comments you have on the cleaners of the overall cleaning services do not seem to be addressed”.

We welcome any comments you have on our services, whether good or bad, and more importantly if you have an issue we have a complaints policy which ensures we act upon all issues within 24 hours of it being raised.

We are able to serve most of the towns in Surrey, such as Guildford, Woking, Godalming and Farnham, as well as towns in Hampshire, such as Aldershot and Farnborough. Unsure if we clean in your town? Get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call Green Clean today on 01483 905113 or use our quick and easy contact form to get in touch.

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