Wind Up Torch Review; Finally a Great Eco Gadget

I was given a wind up torch this Christmas and have been meaning to review it for a while now. I have found a minute free to shorten my to do list and this review is right at the top. I was given a silver 3 LED dynamo wind up torch made by Active Products; currently available to buy for roughly £4.50 both online and offline.


My first thought when I unwrapped it was how great it’ll be to finally have a torch that doesn’t need the expensive batteries forever replace; all I have to do is simply wind it up for 1 minute (the manual tells me doing this will lengthen the batteries life), and it’s ready to light the way.

This wind up torch by Active Products has 2 settings; turn the torch on the first time and you’ll get 3 LEDs, turn the torch off and on again and you’ll get 1 single LED; saving battery power. With 3 LEDs you’ll get 30 minutes of full use, and with 1 LED you can get up to 90 minutes. I tested this myself and got times very close to what the manufacturer states so was very pleased to see what this eco-gadget can really do.

The LEDs are more then bright enough for lighting up a dark room, perhaps no match for a Maglight but better then I initially expected from a wind up torch. I have found myself using this as a night light as it’s perfect for carrying downstairs for a midnight toilet visit.

I really love this LED Wind up Torch and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it; often I see green gadgets and think they look a bit gimmicky, and not very practical, but that is most definitely not the case with this wind up torch. What I find really sets this torch apart from standard torches is that it’s perfect for leaving in my drawer waiting to be used. Last year we had a lot of power cuts in Guildford and I found myself always searching for the nearest torch to find the batteries have gone flat, resulting in me having to stumble around the house looking for some new batteries in the pitch black. With my wind up torch, it can sit unused for years, then when I need it a quick wind up and it’s ready to go.

At around £4.50 I seriously recommend everyone go out and buy one. I love knowing that the power used has come from the energy I put into it and nothing else.

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  1. Chris Apple says:

    A Great alternative to using rubbing alcohol!

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