Thursday’s Ramblings; Cool Cleaning Tools

Cleaning can be the biggest chore in the world and so it’s nice to know that people are doing what they can to make things just a little bit easier for us.

This week I stumbled across this post about 29 Things That Will Basically Clean For You.

It comprises of a list of very quirky cleaning products that make cleaning a lot easier, and probably a lot less of a chore too!

Here are just a few examples that I thought sounded great;

A super handy bin

It tells you when the bag is full, when bin day is close AND it has a little vacuum for dust in the bottom of it!

A self-cleaning toilet brush

Does what it says on the tin! Just cleans your toilet brush for you. Of course, you’ll still need to clean your toilet, unfortunately.

Glasses Cleaner

This looks super handy and less likely to be lost than the cloth you get from the Opticians!

All the products have links to where you can buy them from too.

What product would you use?

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Tuesday’s Tips: Cleaning Burnt Pans

Tuesday Tips

There is nothing more irritating than burnt saucepans and frying pans because they can take hours to clean and often require a lot of elbow grease too. Who has the time for that? Fortunately I stumbled across this great tip on how to clean them a lot quicker and thought I’d share it with you all!

Apartment Therapy has the best step by step guide to cleaning your saucepans and frying pans. And it really works which is even better. All you need is vinegar and baking soda too so it’s also cheap and eco-friendly too! What more could you ask for?

Find the full tip in this post.

And in no time, your frying pan will be back looking wonderful like this;

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Tidy People Vs Messy People

There are two different types of people in the world. Those that are tidy and cannot stand mess, and those that are messy.

Today I found two different posts on BuzzFeed that list the problems both of these different types of people have to face.

21 Problems only Really Messy People Know to be True

This is probably the one I related to the most; “And when your room is finally clean, it literally takes you five minutes to undo your hours of hard work.”

19 Problems All Tidy People Will Understand

And this one I definitely relate too; “People don’t seem to understand that you don’t actually enjoy cleaning, you just hate mess.”

What kind of person are you?

Personally I’m a little bit of both! My room has to be clean but I hate mess everywhere else… but I am also a little lazy so it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to!

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Tuesday’s Tip: Leather Sofa

Tuesday Tips

Having a leather sofa is one of those ultimate pleasures in life. They’re easy to clean, are comfortable and just look modern and great. But what happens when you accidentally scratch it? Or the pets do? Over time, leather sofas can start to look a little bit sorry for themselves. But with this tip you’ll soon find them looking brand new again!

To get rid of those ugly and frustrating scratches, all you need to do is rub a little show polish onto the leather! Leave it until it is dry before you sit back on it but the results will happen straightaway!

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Getting Your House Ready for Sale

Selling your home can be stressful, especially if it seems that no one actually wants to buy. In the market today it can be difficult to find potential buyers but here’s just a few things that you can do to help make your house feel more appealing and therefore persuade people that they really like your property and can see themselves living in it one day soon.

On the Outside

One thing that many sellers often forget is that first impressions are long lasting. If the front of your house does not look attractive or homely, it will instantly put buyers off, not matter how wonderful the inside of your home may be. So the first thing you should do is stand outside and have a good look at your property. Is there anything you think doesn’t look quite right? If this wasn’t your home, is there anything that would put you off buying it as your home? Things to look out for include anything that is in disrepair such as peeling paint, chipped bricks, uneven driveways, long or dead grass, wilting flowers or broken fences. Once you’ve found the problem points, fix them up as best you can to make sure that the entrance to your home is appealing and welcoming.

Stepping Inside

The biggest thing to remember when selling your home is that clutter is a big no-no. Even though clutter can point to a home that has been lived in, it also tells potential buyers that the property is small, overcrowded and not worth their money. So do what you can to make the entrance spacious. Got lots of shoes? Purchase a cheap hanging shoe rack and hide your shoes in the nearest cupboard – the same goes for coats. This will help to keep a long-lasting first impression on the buyer. Also make sure that there is no scuffing or obvious marks on the walls of the entranceway and hallway. It should be clean and welcoming.

The Rooms

While you may be proud of your home and how well you’ve lived in it, the buyers don’t exactly need to see that. They need to be able to envision themselves living in the place. For this you need to keep all of your rooms in a minimalist style. Make sure that everything is clean and tidy and that the rooms look spacious. Obviously this can be easier said than done but it is essentially to making a good sell. However, you also want to make sure that the rooms are friendly, welcoming and homely. To do this you can add a few photos to make it seem lived in but only a few. Other suggestions include paintings and the odd ornament or candle – but don’t go overboard!

Make it Bright

On top of space, potential buyers also like to know that the house they’ll be living in is bright and welcoming. This can be achieved with big windows and curtains that are open but in the winter when their isn’t a lot of sunshine, you can also do this with lights. Make them bright, add in a few lamps here and there and just make sure that it all looks light and bright. This not only gives the potential buyers the opportunity to see what they can do with the space, but it lets them know that even when the sun isn’t shining, they can keep the rooms bright and welcoming. But of course, if you’ve got a lot of lights on in the rooms, it’s even more important to make sure that your rooms are clean.

Completely Finished

This may seem like an odd thing to mention but you need to make sure that your house is completely finished. Don’t show potential buyers around a house that is in the middle of a renovation. They will not be able to imagine what it would look like, your house will look messy and it is just not going to help you sell your house. If you’ve run out of money for the renovation, just make sure that you do what you can to make it at least look like it is finished. You’ll be grateful for it at the end when you not only sell your home but very likely you’ll sell it for more than you thought.

Get It Clean

The very last, but still very vital, point is to make sure that your house is completely clean from top to bottom. This will mean that their is no dust lurking around, it’ll make the rooms brighter, fresher and nicer. It will show the buyers that the house is pretty, appealing and it will show your house off at it’s best. Think of it like a first date. Would you turn up to the restaurant without showering first? Do the same for your house. Make them look attractive and appealing and you’re certain to get a sale. Following on from the last metaphor, you can also bake cookies just before the buyers arrive to add a tasty and welcoming smell to the air, just as you would brush your teeth before a date.

We hope you like our tips and that they do help you to sell your house at the best price possible. If you would like to get your house professionally cleaned for a competitive price, you can get a quote from us by clicking here.

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Tuesday’s Tip; Save Your Mobile Phone

Tuesday Tips

Technology is an ever-present part of our daily lives but it has a downside. When technology gets wet it has a tendency to stop working. This is most irritating when it happens to your mobile phone, something that you use every single day. This has happened to me before and it was so bad that I had to go out and buy a brand new phone. Fortunately this was a few years ago and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. As this is no longer the case, I am here to give you a tip that will save both your bank balance and your phone when it gets drenched.

All you have to do if phone gets wet, is take out the battery and place your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. Leave it overnight or for a fair few hours and then replace the battery. It should work absolutely fine! The science is that the rice drains the water out of it. Crazy, right?

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Thursday’s Ramblings; The Perfect Way To Nap

After a long day of working, sometimes we all just need a power-nap to give us the energy to deal with the evening. Sometimes at the weekend we seem to lose our energy quickly and need a nap to keep us going. If this is correct for you then you should definitely give this video a watch which tells you the best way to get the most out of your naps!

Definitely glad that I found this over on the Huffington Post! I’ll be using these tips to make sure I get the most out of my naps from now on. No more wasting time!

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Tuesday’s Tip: Nice Carpet Smell

Tuesday Tips

For today’s tip, we’re going to tell you how to make your carpet – and ultimately your room – smell incredibly nice (and christmassy) just by giving it a vacuum!

To make your carpet smell nice, all you need to do is sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on the carpter before you vacuum. Then once you’ve done so, not only will your carpet smell but the smell will also linger in the air too!

How lovely!

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Tuesday’s Tip; Fresh Shower

Tuesday Tips

Are you wanting to do something to spice up your shower a little? This handy tip will make all of your showers smell nicer and will cover you in beneficial oils to boot. It’s quick, easy and is sure to be something that you’ll enjoy!

All you need to do is hang Eucalyptus around your shower head. Then every time you turn on the shower it will release an amazing fragrance every single time you shower. How perfect!

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Keeping Your Bills Down

There’s nothing more prominent at the moment than the inflation of bill prices during this tough economical stage of our lives. Fortunately, I am here today to share with you an infographic that I found online which gives you lots of little tips to help you save money on your bills – and keeps your house eco-friendly too! It’s a double win, right?

Was this helpful to you? Do you do any of it already?

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