Naturally Remove Musty Bad Smells from Your House and Home

Now that it’s getting cold and the windows are closed any bad smells that your house may have are being trapped inside. Here’s a few spring cleaning tips on how to remove those nasty smells. Feel free to let us know of any methods you have tried that worked for you in the comments below.

The first tip is to place a bowl of boiling water with a piece of charcoal in it inside any smelly cupboards you may have. The charcoal in the bowl will naturally absorb the odours.

The second tip is to place use coffee grounds in any place that smells. You could try placing the used coffee grounds in a tub at the back of a fridge, or perhaps in a bowl by the front door. This will mask any bad smells coming from smelly shoes but also be a nice gentle welcome when you come home.

The third tip is a quick way to remove odours from the air. Put vinegar in a spray bottle with 50% white vinegar and 50% water and spray around the room. This is a natural air freshener when sprayed in a room and will quickly remove any bad smells for those last minute freshen ups.

These tips not only work well butare natural tips so are far healthier than spraying aerosols or other chemical alternatives.

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3 Responses to Naturally Remove Musty Bad Smells from Your House and Home

  1. cleaningexperts says:

    Lavender is perfect for the bedroom. It removes bad smells and makes you relaxed !

  2. Jules White says:

    Great tips for natural deodorisers… I am definitely going to try the charcoal, I have a few cupboards that are bit musty so nothing ventured.. Thanks for sharing


  3. Cleaners South WestLondon says:

    Great tips! I like the third one the most, it seems quite easy and I am sure it works!

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