Cinnamon Bark. A Gift from Method

I came back to the office after a long day cleaning last week to find a package I wasn’t expecting from Method. It was clearly a Christmas present so I patiently waited until Christmas day to open it.

To my surprise Method had sent us a gift to thank us for fighting dirty in 2010. It’s a counter top cleaner in the flavour of cinnamon bark.

Method Cinnamon Bark Counter Top Cleaner

Method Cinnamon Bark Counter Top Cleaner

The cinnamon bark scent is really amazing! It fills the house with its warm, spicy scent that last for ages.

A neat idea I had with it is to use a small amount of it to clean the windows by the front door. It’s been great to come home and get greeted by the lovely cinnamon.

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  1. Cleaners Ealing says:

    Mmm, sounds nice!

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