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What on earth is Borax? And what does it do?

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Borax is a natural, powerful cleaning agent which has been used for over 4000 years. It boasts a range of green qualities that make it an ideal product to have around the house; it’s great as a natural laundry booster, multi purpose cleaner, disinfectant, floor cleaner, and even as a general deodoriser.


Although Borax is an environmentally friendly product, it’s actually mildly toxic to children and pets if consumed, and can kill plants in high doses, cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation, so if used, should be used with caution. As a result Borax is no longer available in the UK, but have no fear, a better, safer alternative can be found, called Borax substitute. Borax substitute still has all the same cleaning and laundry uses, but you get a safer alternative for your money.

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