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Tuesday’s Tip; Clean Your Washing Machine Easily

Tuesday Tips

We are continuously washing our clothes but do we ever take the time to wash our washing machines? The dirt from our clothes doesn’t just vanish and it is important to keep our washing machines clean to keep them cleaning our clothes but also to avoid clogging to occur from a build-up of limescale. But how do you clean it? There are many ways to clean a washing machine but one of the easiest is to use vinegar.

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Tuesday’s Tips; Clean Your Sink Easily

Tuesday Tips

As busy people, we don’t always have time to clean the sink completely to avoid the limescale build up around the taps. Then when it gets bad, we usually don’t have the energy or time to deal with it then either. Thus our sinks can end up looking incredibly awful – or mine can at least! But with this tip, you can get your sink looking shiny and new again with three simple and readily available ingredients and in little time too!

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Cool Cleaning Tools

Cleaning can be the biggest chore in the world and so it’s nice to know that people are doing what they can to make things just a little bit easier for us.

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