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Ecover Washing Up Liquid

If there is one product on the high street that many people are reluctant to change it is their washing up liquid. Fairy has been the leading liquid for many decades and it is easy to see why people would be so indecisive about using a different product. I am here today to question this behaviour completely as I believe that while Fairy is great at what it does, I personally do not believe that it should always be seen as the best product out there. Incidentally there are other washing up liquids on the market that have no substance, disappear quickly, and seem to be a complete waste of money – especially when compared to Fairy Liquid. It has come to the point where it is incredibly difficult to find a product that can rival it, especially one that is eco-friendly.

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Organic Surge Eye Gel

In this day and age, how we look has become incredibly important. With adverts on the television and beauty magazines pushing “anti-wrinkle” creams at us, it is becoming abundantly clear that we’re expected to look our best at all times. While many may not take this advice to heart, a large proportion of people are now more worried about their appearance. One of the biggest issues that many people face is the area around the eyes. How can we keep it looking fresh and healthy when we’re not sleeping as well as we should?

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Method Squirt & Mop

One of the reasons I opt for using eco-friendly products in my home is because I have three cats and one day want to have children and wish for them to be brought up in a clean and friendly environment that is good for their health. I have found that the biggest problem area for this is cleaning our hard floors with products that work but without highly toxic chemicals. So, in our search to find the best product, we stumbled across Method Squirt & Mop and have found it to be a truly remarkable product.

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