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Ecover Multi-Action Spray

There is a lot of worry when it comes to eco-friendly products and whether or not they actually work, because if they do, why did we ever need highly chemicalized products in the first place? But as we step closer to the future, it is becoming clear to many people that not only do these products work, many are easier, smell nicer, and are effectively better than anything used previously. They’re, quite simply, desirable.

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Bio-D Dishwasher Rinse Aid & Dishwasher Powder

In this new age, the vast majority of people now own a dishwasher, but with the main brands on the market being non-eco products, how do we know which eco-products actually work in our machines? Today I am here to tell you all about Bio D Dishwasher Rinse Aid and Bio D Dishwasher Powder. These are two compatible products that work extremely well and are also, thankfully, eco-friendly. They may not be the biggest brands on the market, but after many tests, it is clear that they work extremely well.

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BullDog Men’s Original Face Scrub

As a man, using face scrub is not the most popular thing in the world, especially when the packaging looks too feminine. None of us wants to be found in the possession of such girly accessories unless they belong to our significant other. Therefore, it is with enthusiasm that I report that Bull Dog’s Original Face Scrub doesn’t give off a feminine vibe at all. In a small bottle, it has a simple design in subdued tones. It is the simplicity that gives it that edge over other products, and it’s just nice to know that this also reflects the eco-product inside the packaging.

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Bentley Organic Bodywash

There are hundreds upon thousands of products out there that we can use to clean ourselves in the shower so how do we go about choosing the right one for us? Personally I believe that the choosing of soap is mostly to do with the smell of the product and the feel of it. I don’t like soaps that are rough, or ones that are too liquid-y, or the ones that feel too much like gel either – yes I have been told I’m fussy. So when I find a product that I love and am happy to use time and time again, I feel it is only necessary to tell everyone about it. The newest product that I have gotten my hands on is Bentley Organic Bodywash.

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