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What is in My Bucket? Introduction

Green cleaning is a great new method of cleaning; you can get all the same results using non-toxic products, with minimal affect on the environment, and more importantly there is no risk of harming yourself or your family. Green cleaning unfortunately isn’t doing as well as it should be and one main reason is because it’s still fairly new and an unknown area, making it hard to know what is a better alternative to the toxic products currently used, and what the best green cleaning products are.

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Wind Up Torch Review; Finally a Great Eco Gadget

I was given a wind up torch this Christmas and have been meaning to review it for a while now. I have found a minute free to shorten my to do list and this review is right at the top. I was given a silver 3 LED dynamo wind up torch made by Active Products; currently available to buy for roughly £4.50 both online and offline.

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Remove Sticky Label Residue Without Chemicals

I’ve tried lots of different methods for removing labels from glass jars and other surfaces and most of the time ended up with sticky stuff smeared all over the place! I have found the best eco-friendly way to remove the sticky residue left from labels, making it a simple and straight forward affair that doesn’t require a single chemical!

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How to Keep a Sponge Clean

Often the dirtiest place in the kitchen isn’t the worktops or the chopping boards, but the sponges used to “clean” the surfaces. Sponges often are left wet, next to the sink covered in all kinds of germs and dirt. Bacteria thrives in damp locations and as a result can quickly grow to hazardous levels, meaning your sponges need to be chucked far too often if you’re to be safe. One of the best ways to be green is to reduce unnecessary waste; this article will explain methods you can easily use to keep sponges safe and the reduce the need to replace them.

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Dry E-Cloth Mop Review

If you have hard floors and are a pet owner or have kids running around, chances are one of your biggest problems is dealing with the constant dirt all over your floors. Although I recommend getting a weekly cleaning service to help maintain the floors, you may not be fortunate enough to have a house cleaning service yet to take care of it for you, and as this task can be very time consuming it can quickly get on top of you.

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