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Method Bowl Patrol Toilet Cleaner Review

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Method Bowl Patrol cleaning product

Being part of Method’s cleaning product range, the Eucalyptus Mint Bowl Patrol of course looks fantastic! It’s a really unique bottle shape that looks like it’s been designed to clean the Queen’s toilet and anything less would be an insult to it. The design is not without its disadvantages though; the bottle does take up a fair amount of space (it can’t be neatly hidden under you sink, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing for this product) and it doesn’t quite fit in the hand correctly, not an issue if you have dry hands, but being a professional cleaner often my hands will be a little damp and I fear I’ll one day be fishing this out of someone’s toilet bowl. As this product is non-toxic there is no need for a security lid, instead there is a screw cap, making it nice and simple to use. I’ll explain in a moment why I think this works great on this particular product.

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Health benefits of house plants

If you have ever spent time in my house you’d know that I’m a plant lover. I first started with the odd few but once I got the hang of what I was doing my obsession quickly grew and I now have far too may that I’m running out of space, but for good reasons. Healthy, well kept, indoor plants at home and at the office can bring real health benefits to everyone around them, so should not be overlooked when decorating a room.

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Clean glass to leave a streak free shine

In the old days, people cleaned their windows with water and vinegar, then polished them with old newspapers. You can still do this today, but vinegar will not cut all oil and grease. Using a newspaper to polish the glass can be a little risky too. Given that many are now made with recycled papers, and eco-friendly inks, the results may not be quite what you anticipate and could leave a horrible smear later on.

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Homemade Window Cleaner with Vinegar & Lemon

Making your own window cleaner is one of the easiest cleaning solutions to make so there’s no reason at all that you can’t make your own cleaner at home and dump the store bought toxic window cleaners!

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