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Method Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner Review

Given our love for Method’s products and the increasing success they have had over the last few years it made sense to review one of their cleaning products. Method’s Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner was one of the first products we chose to try as it’s fairly low price (~£3) with many uses, so if we didn’t like it we knew it’ll only be around for a short time and not sitting under our sink collecting dust.

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Cleaner Indoor Air this Autumn

It was a great October for the weather, we’ve been able to keep the windows open for a little longer and the heater off for a few extra weeks; unfortunately it’s almost the time when the house will be air tight again, leaving the indoor air pollution no way to escape. Here are some easy, simple things you can do to keep the air quality pure and safe in your house this autumn.

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Surrey’s Greenest Cleaning Company

Why green you ask? Here’s our top 3 reasons why we chose to be green…

3. Green Cleaning is sustainable. We are told domestic pollution does more damage to the environment then industrial pollution so if choosing an organic product over one that isn’t helps reduce pollution then we are all for it.  Don’t be fooled though, we know that being green isn’t going to save the world; we simple see it as an extra bonus.

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Value for money?

If you have shopped around and got a few quotes you’d quickly find we aren’t always the cheapest option for either Domestic or Commercial cleaning services. There are ways we could reduce our prices to be more competive but is this a viable option for Green Clean Solution.

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Professional cleaning company or a sole trader?

One thing that seems to come up from time to time is which is better, a professional house cleaning company or a sole trader? (Such as Mayer Enterprises.)

One of the most obvious differences with the two is the price; sole traders can go as low as they want (anything below £6.50 per hour and the price becomes too good to be true), where as cleaning companies have more costs involved such as holiday pay, insurance, sick pay, and on top of that need to make a small profit to continue to grow and improve the cleaning services offered. When times are hard and money is lacking, understandably customers are cost driven, so this is one huge point towards sole traders in which is better.

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Why hire a domestic cleaner?‏

Thinking about hiring a domestic cleaner to clean your house? Un-sure if it’s the right thing for you? Here’s why we think you’re better off hiring a cleaner then doing it yourself.

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