Thursday’s Ramblings; Ten Brain Myths

For today’s Thursday’s Ramblings I thought I would share with you all a very interesting infographic that I found here. It is all about the brain and top ten myths that we’ve been told about it. I certainly found it to be incredibly intriguing.

Isn’t that all super fascinating?

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Tuesday’s Tips; Making Washing Up Easier

Tuesday Tips

Do you ever find that when you have a lot of washing up to do, you have to change the water part-way through because it is too dirty already? With this handy tip, you should be able to do all of your washing up in one go – unless the water gets too cold!

The first thing to do is fill up your sink or washing up bowl with water and washing up liquid without any dirty dishes in it. Once the sink or bowl is filled up as desired, start washing your cleanest dirty dishes first. Glasses only filled with water? Start with those. Cutlery licked clean? Give those a quick wash first. Then, continue in this fashion throughout the washing up, leaving the dirtiest items till the end. This is usually any items that contain sauces (bolognaise, curry, sweet and sour, etc) and the pots and pans that have grease in.

In doing this, you’ll be able to keep the water cleaner for longer and you won’t be cleaning your cleanest dishes in the dirty water left over from your dirtiest dishes.

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Make Your Wire’s Interesting

Today I am here to share with you all a post that I stumbled upon this week that I found really fascinating and thought that you would all enjoy it as well. If you’re anything like me, you probably have wires for all your electrical goods trailing all over the place. But in the post below, you will see how it can be made possible to make those abundance of wires into something decorative and interesting – definitely a talking point for your guests.

Creative Ways to Make Electrical Wirings Less Messy and More Classy.

The only problem that I saw with this is that for some of them it would require more wiring then you have and could therefore potentially be a bit expensive. But if it helps to keep them neat and makes your home feeling more comfortable, wouldn’t it be worth it?

What do you think of the wire solutions? Would you consider them for your home?

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Tuesday’s Tips; Small Sink Solution

Tuesday Tips

Do you have a problem with a small sink? Does it make it difficult to fill an average sized bucket with water?
If the answer is yes then this is a tip that is very likely to make your life a lot easier!

Instead of standing at the sink and turning the bucket all sorts of ways to try and get the bucket filled and then to lift it out of the sink without spilling any of it, this trick will keep the bucket out of the sink. All you need to do is use your dustpan!

If you put your dustpan in the sink, you can use it as a funnel to allow the water to enter the bucket that you’re holding outside of sink. The water will flow easily in and then you can fill the bucket to the top without any of that hassle and frustration!

Hope it helps you!

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Thursday’s Ramblings; 6 Ways to Keep on Top of Your Busy Schedule

Six Ways to Keep on top of your Busy Schedule
If you’re anything like me, you probably have a gazillion things to do and so many things vying for your attention and it can definitely be hard to keep up with everything. So today I have decided to let you all know six things I do to help keep me on top of it all.

Get a good night’s sleep
This is my number one tip because sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping on top of your schedule. If you do not get enough sleep, you won’t be fully productive and tasks are likely to take you a lot longer, you’re unlikely to be able to keep your creative rhythm, and friends will probably notice how run-down and out of it you look. But, if you make sure that you get enough sleep for you (No, I will not tell you to definitely get eight hours because I personally work better on six), then you will be your most productive self and can therefore tackle your schedule in the best possible way. You’ll find tasks are just that much easier too!

Don’t overwork yourself
With a busy schedule, it probably seems logical that the longer you work, the more work you’ll get done, right? Wrong. If you work for longer hours, your productivity will essentially dip and you’ll find yourself not working to standard and things will just generally take longer than they should. It is better to work in short bursts, then to work all at once. And sometimes we all just need to take a step away to keep ourselves sane.

Always take a break
KitKat is famous for its tagline; have a break, have a kitkat. And I couldn’t agree more. Taking breaks is vital to keeping your brain motivated and productive. Essentially you should only be at your computer desk for an hour before you give yourself a break but I know that this is rarely possible to do at work. However, if you make sure that you move away from your desk – even just to use the toilet or make tea – it will help you in the long run. These few minutes away from the work in hand will help to re-focus your brain and you may find it re-energises you too. At university while working on essays, I would often make myself a tea and then realise that by the time I go to drink it, it was cold because the break away helped to give me the focus I needed to write more. So definitely make sure you use time to have a few minutes away from the work.

Daily exercise is key
I’m not a personal trainer or a health coach but I know from first-hand experience that exercise is very helpful in keeping on top of things. Exercising just thirty minutes a day helps the brain to function properly, keeps you more awake in the long-term and just keeps your energy levels higher. Plus, you’ll start to feel more fitter in yourself, will want to eat less junk food, and it will all help you to keep your life more organised instead of busy. I always miss exercise when I don’t do it for a long time and always notice how much tireder I am without it.

Time Management
When we’re busy we can often feel that we honestly do not have enough hours in the day. But this can be solved with a little time-management. If you feel you don’t have enough time, first just breathe. Give yourself five minutes to just re-focus. Then look at your to-do list for that day and start working out what needs to be done as a priority and go from there. I find that setting an alarm and saying I have to have X done in 20mins helps to keep me motivated. It stops procrastination and helps me to tick things off the to-do list efficiently. But always allow a little time for issues cropping up and don’t forget those well-needed breaks – but don’t let twitter distract you in your break!

Learning to say no
The biggest problem about being busy is that we often find we’re unable to say no to people. But you need to learn to do it. If you look at your schedule and you really cannot find a way to fit something in, say no. But don’t forget that you can always postpone until you do have the time. Your friends and family will understand and should be more than willing to wait until you can fit them in. It is not your job to please everyone and you must remember that there is only 24 hours in a day and you need to spend your time productively to keep you sane and healthy.

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Tuesday’s Tips; Wardrobe Space

Tuesday Tips

If you’re anything like me you probably have more clothes than wardrobe space and have probably also run out of space to hang the clothes up. Aside from getting a new wardrobe or getting rid of clothes, I was at a loss of what to do, as I’m sure you are too.

But never fear because I fortunately ran across a truly helpful tip!

Whenever you drink a can of fizzy pop, keep the can top. This may sound bizarre but if you break this hand device off of the can, you can then use this little piece of metal to hang two hangers together.

Put the small hole of the tab over the top of one hanger, and then use the second hole to loop another hanger through. Then you hang the first hanger on the rail and voila… two hangers in one.

If you do this with all of your hangers you’ll soon find yourself with double the amount of railing space as before. And all of your clothes are fairly easy to squish in together.

The perfect solution to the problem!

If you like this tip and would like to read more, pop back again next Tuesday for another Tuesday’s Tip!

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Ten Tips for Moving House

  1. Plan in Advance
  2. Moving house can be an incredibly stressful feat but if you make sure that you take enough time to organise, it can be a lot more enjoyable and relaxing. To do this, start at least a month in advance, if not sooner. If you ask the advice of a removals company, they can provide you with their professional experience and help.

  3. Spring Clean Early
  4. Before you move, it is highly recommended that you sort through all of your belongings. What have you used in the last year? What will you never use again? Take this opportunity to do a spring clean of your stuff and sell or dispose of any items that you really don’t need. It is also the perfect time to make sure all your files are in folders and not just scattered around. This will make it a lot easier to put things away in your new home. Plus, you’ll feel liberated and fresh in your new place. Clutter in your home, clutter in your mind.

  5. Easy Labelling
  6. This comes along with packing effectively as well. Make sure that all of the boxes are clearly labelled by room and that objects in the box makes sense. Keep all of your pots and pans in one box, and your kitchen ornaments in another. But don’t add your bathroom decorations in with the kitchen things. This will make it a lot easier to unpack the other side and will mean that you won’t be left with items getting lost.

  7. Keep Note of Special Items
  8. Do you have antiques you don’t want broken? A large television that won’t fit neatly in a box? Think about how these items will be transported to your new home. For these special items, including fine art, sculptures, pianos, computers, wine collections or tall plants, remember to talk to your removals company about them. If they know in advance what they’re collecting, they can pack their vans more efficiently and may be able to provide made-to-measure crates, extra insurance and will always move the items with more care.

  9. Pack a box for immediate use
  10. It may not be possible to unpack everything you own on the first day you move into the house. Thus it is important that you have a box, or two, with essential items that you’ll need to use straight away. Think of the things you use day to day and keep them to the side, such as a kettle, cutlery, pans, bed sheets, duvet covers, and bathroom toiletries!

  11. Get Connected Sooner
  12. Before you move, contact companies that will be providing your gas, electricity, water, phones, internet and tv, etc at your new home and make sure that everything is up and running before you arrive. Some companies like for your phone and internet, may need a lot of warning beforehand. In the same vein, don’t forget to let your current providers know that you’re leaving and pay off any remaining balances.

  13. Check Important But Small Details
  14. There is a lot to do when it comes to moving house, especially if you’re taking all of your furniture with you. So it might be a good idea to double check with your removals company what they can help you with. (I.e dismantling furniture, how much can be left in drawers, etc) And, it is also very important to find out what they aren’t able to help with or transport to your new home. Do you have locks that need changing, electrical things to be sorted, etc. Make sure you get qualified tradesmen to help with these small but important details.

  15. Notify People
  16. Moving house is a large job but making sure that you’ve told the relevant people that you’re moving is very important and often one of the last jobs on the list. Make sure that you make a list of people to notify, including but not limited to friends, family, employers, banks, insurance companies, driving licence and vehicle registration.

  17. Don’t Pack Alone
  18. A lot of people opt to self-pack their belongings as a cheaper option but if organisation isn’t your strongest skill, it may turn out to be tiring, confusing, and incredibly stressful. Look into getting a professional packing company to help. You may find that in the long run it is a lot cheaper and easier than you first expected.

  19. Don’t Make it Stressful
  20. Moving house is known for being a stressful and gruelling challenge but if you follow the steps above, it will definitely help ease some of that stress. To make it even easier, think about getting your children into childcare for a day, or organising someone to look after your pets. Then make sure you plan your journey and add enough time for delays. And most importantly, take a day or two off work for the transition. This will make it a lot easier in the long run and you’ll feel the stress lift from your shoulders, and you may even find yourself enjoying it.

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Tuesday’s Tips; Cleaning Your Shower Head

Tuesday Tips

Does your shower produce a pathetic amount of water to drizzle out? Is it clogged with limescale but you’re just too busy to sort it out? Does the effort of cleaning the shower head properly just put you off completely?

Then you’re probably in the exact same position as I was in until I came across this one very handy and very helpful tip!

For a quick, easy, and painless way to clean that showerhead, fill a clear plastic bag with white vinegar. Then place the shower head into the bag and tie it up – even just a sandwich bag tie should do!

Leave the shower in the vinegar overnight.

Take it out in the morning, give it a bit of a rinse and then… voila! A better working clean shower. With no hassle and no fuss.


For more handy tips like this, don’t forget to pop by next Tuesday for another Tuesday Tip!

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Tuesday’s Tips – Shopping List Saviour

Tuesday Tips

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably make a shopping list, head to the store and then realise that you’ve left the shopping list on the side at home, thus ensuring you running around the supermarket simply trying to remember what it was that you needed to buy. It is frustrating and you are almost always guaranteed to return home without one very important item, meaning that you’ll probably have to head out all over again.

Then I came across this tip and it was like all of my worries were sorted.

Before you leave the house, take a photo of the contents of your fridge so that if you leave the house, you know exactly what you have and need to buy. On top of this, I’d also suggest taking a photo of your cupboards and a photo of your shopping list! That way it doesn’t matter if you accidentally leave your shopping list behind.

It’s definitely made me panic less!

If you want more helpful tips like this, don’t forget to pop back next Tuesday for more!

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Thursday’s Ramblings; Cool Google Chrome Hacks

If you’re a Google Chrome user, I think you’ll enjoy this post as much as we did. In it you will find a whole range of neat and fun tricks to do with Chrome!

Find out what they all are by clicking here.

Our favourite is definitely the running and jumping t-rex at the beginning. That definitely looks like fun – and we’re almost tempted to turn off the internet to try it out!

Aside from these, do you know about some of the other brilliant hacks to do with Google Chrome?

Did you know that if you type an equation into the address bar it’ll give you the answer? Definitely quicker than trying to find your calculator if you’re already in Chrome!

Tabs Saved!
Accidentally closed the browser? No worries! As soon as you re-open Chrome simple press “CTRL+SHIFT+T” and they’ll all come back!

Incognito Window
Want to be sneaky at work and have a quick look at your Facebook? Why not use the Icognito window. Click “CTRL+SHIT+N” and it will open a window that will not keep your history or cookies. You then just have to be aware of people standing behind you…

Pin Tabs
Got a page you want to stay open but don’t want clogging up the bar? If you “pin it” (Right click > Pin Tab) then it becomes the size of the favicon, moves to the left of the bar and will stay there till you close Chrome. Very handy!

All Open Tabs In One Bookmark Folder
If you click “CTRL+SHIFT+D”, it’ll save all of your current open tabs into one bookmark folder. A lot easier than adding each page in separately!

Keep All Your Personalised Settings
If you sign in to your Chrome, when you’re on a different computer, you can sign in again and you will find all of your bookmarks and personalised settings still there again.

Multiple Users
On the same note as above, if you have more than one person using the computer, you can each personalise your chrome how you want it to be and then just sign in and out as you wish.

When filling out forms, especially when entering your address while shopping, it can be a bit of a pain to always be typing out the same thing. But Chrome is rather nifty in remembering what you’ve typed before and if you start typing your name, it will give you the option to auto-fill your address afterwards. Very helpful!

All of that not enough? There are also THOUSANDS of extensions that you can add to your browser which will help you with certain tasks such as making images bigger with a simple hovering mouse, dictionary extension, and many, many more.

There are a lot more tips, tricks, and hacks, when it comes to Google Chrome, and an endless list of reasons why it may just be the right browser for you. But that’s all from us today.

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