Method Laundry Detergent

With so many different brands of washing detergent being stocked in supermarkets, it is usually incredibly difficult to know exactly which product to use. How is it possible to know which product will give the best results without trying each and every product yourself? Which, unfortunately, is often not possible due to unattainable costs. While many will reach out for the leading brands in the market, such as Ariel and Persil, they may not necessarily be the best products, and are definitely not the cheapest. These brands force smaller, unknown brands to fall behind in sales leaving quality products to face extinction.

One such product is Method’s Laundry Detergent. This physically small bottle of detergent is a literal example of the phrase, “Big Things come in Small Packages”. This laundry detergent is a liquid that fights even the toughest stains while using eco-friendly ingredients that are brilliant for anyone with sensitive skin. It may seem that due to using lighter chemicals it could not possibly have the strength the fight the hard stains that we deal with day to day on our clothes, but this product is one that works incredibly well, and uses only a small portion of liquid to do so.

This product is not only great at removing stains, it also comes in a very handy uniquely designed bottle that allows you to only ever use the right amount of the liquid – thus preventing any loss of liquid due to estimate work. This design is also easy to use, using the familiar technology of hand wash with exact precision so as to avoid unnecessary spills. Personally, the style of the bottle is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy using this product so much. When I used to use powdered detergents, I often ended up using too much detergent and wasting money, as well as ruining my washing machine with all the excess soap, but this design just simply cuts costs in half.

It would be irresponsible to continue speaking about this product without mentioning the biggest reason why people will change the laundry detergents they use; the smell. This detergent has a very fresh, tangibly pleasing smell that soaks nicely into the clothes without being overpowering. It leaves a very sensual smell, one which is difficult to find without using a fabric conditioner alongside your detergent. It seems almost illogical that such a strong and efficient detergent could possibly leave clothes smelling so utterly intoxicating but that is simply everything that this small bottle of Method Laundry Detergent manages to do. It is the perfect step towards a future that is truly eco-friendly.

If this sounds like the kind of product that you’d like to use within your home, the company that we use – and love – is Natural Selection. What’s great about this website is that while you’re buying this product, you can browse the hundreds of other eco-friendly products on offer. What’s not to love about that?

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Faith In Nature – Purifying Cleansing Lotion

If there is one thing that we ladies love, it is fresh, silky, healthy looking skin. While we are aware that some women may take a long time scrubbing their skin raw or may have the money to afford at the spa to keep their skin fresh, we just simply don’t have the time or money for all of that – and I’m sure you probably don’t either! So how do we keep our skin feeling soft without the expense of regular spa treatments? We have found the answer in a wonderfully eco-friendly product; Faith in Nature; Purifying Cleansing Lotion.


This small, but heavily effective lotion is pretty priceless – in my opinion anyway – as it does everything that it sets out to do. On the back of the bottle it states that it ‘leaves the skin feeling, and looking, toned and refreshed’, and I couldn’t agree more. After only a few uses of this lotion I could already feel and see the results. My skin was no longer dry and breaking, it wasn’t rough from a hard day working but continued to stay smooth and gentle to touch. For the job that I do, I couldn’t ask for a nicer heaven then having skin that wasn’t ruined by the harsh chemicals I work with.


Other reasons that this lotion is a godsend for me is that it is one of those lotions that actually has a nice smell to it. Some lotions – and soaps – have some really awful smells that I would rather not be associated with me and my skin, but this Purifying Cleansing Lotion has a very fresh and lovely smell about it. It is also hypoallergenic and paraben free which means that people with sensitive skin – like me – get to use it without worrying about the rash that often follows when trying all of these new and expensive products.


Of course, the packaging is also worth noting. It is a simplistic design, a white colour for a white product with a catchy logo for the company standing out. It has an easily recognisable dispenser that is simple to use and just simply fits nicely on the bathroom shelf. On top of all of that, however, let’s not forget that this product is also eco-friendly. Used with ingredients that are safe for the environment, we can use this product knowing that the we’re helping to save our planet. It is also a vegan friendly company and never uses animals to test their products either. It’s hard not to want to try this lotion out when you have all of those factors in the balance.


This product works best when used with Faith in Nature; Replenishing Moisturising Cream.

If this sounds like the kind of product that you’d like to use within your home, the company that we use – and love – is Natural Selection. What’s great about this website is that while you’re buying this product, you can browse the hundreds of other eco-friendly products on offer. What’s not to love about that?

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Natural Home Made Insect Repellent – CHEAP

Natural Insect RepellentBeing someone who seems to get more than his fair share of insect bites in the summer I have to use insect repellents to prevent all kinds of insect from being attracted to my delicious skin. I thought this would be the perfect time to share this great natural solution that not only takes 2 seconds to make, but costs less than the store bought repellents and does a better job.

For this natural insect repellent you will need the following:

  1. A small empty spray bottle
  2. Citronella
  3. Thistle Oil

You simply put 100ml of Thistle oil into the spray bottle, add 20 drops of Cintronella (don’t exceed 20 drops per 100ml as Cintronella is strong), shake and you’re ready to go.

I find 100ml per spray can last a good few weeks and is small enough to store in handy locations like the car for random visits to a park.

This insect repellent works perfectly, as soon as I use it all bites stop and I no longer have to deal with itchy legs for the next few days, and best of all, it’s completely natural, no harsh chemicals here.

Below is where you can buy each of the supplies needed.


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Introduction to OzKleen Products

In the run up to Christmas, we are all too busy to waste our time struggling with cleaning products that don’t clean efficiently, and are difficult to use, leaving a greasy residue behind and a strong chemical smell. If this rings all too true – you must not have discovered OzKleen!


OzKleens philosophy was to produce a range of scientifically advanced products that are able to genuinely help people save time and effort, be pleasant in fragrance and easy to use, yet be environmentally friendly – and to help future generations keep our planet as clean as possible.

With Kitchen Power, Bath Power and Carpet Power as well as the Power Wipes for BBQs and Ovens, the OzKleen range will make cleaning your home a pleasure as they all have multi-purpose cleaning functions, giving you more time to spend on enjoying your home and entertaining!

OzKleens Kitchen Power can be used on all your hard surfaces, such as stainless steel sinks, pots & pans, ovens, rangehoods and cooker hobs – one product does all these jobs and it really does work!
Use Bath Power on all your surfaces such as fiberglass, taps, toilets, shower screens, baths, stainless steel, tiles, metal surfaces and chrome. Bath Power removes bore water stains, limescale, calcium, soap scum, rust stains and is great for use in hard water areas.

Carpet Power removes stains from carpets, car interiors, upholstery and can even be used as a pre-spray for clothes plus it has received the Woolsafe Certification Mark so you can use on your pure wool carpets! Coffee, grease, red wine, make-up, dirt and mud, pet stains, food and shoe polish are no match for this Carpet cleaner and there’s no doubt your home will see some its fair share of these this festive season!
OzKleen is committed to developing world class products that outperform expectation and are environmentally friendly. The OzKleen range is based on natural plant extracts, and safe to use of septic tanks as it does not kill the good bacteria.

The products contain no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates and are not tested on animals.

For more information go to: and find out what all the fuss is about!

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Naturally Remove Musty Bad Smells from Your House and Home

Now that it’s getting cold and the windows are closed any bad smells that your house may have are being trapped inside. Here’s a few spring cleaning tips on how to remove those nasty smells. Feel free to let us know of any methods you have tried that worked for you in the comments below.

The first tip is to place a bowl of boiling water with a piece of charcoal in it inside any smelly cupboards you may have. The charcoal in the bowl will naturally absorb the odours.

The second tip is to place use coffee grounds in any place that smells. You could try placing the used coffee grounds in a tub at the back of a fridge, or perhaps in a bowl by the front door. This will mask any bad smells coming from smelly shoes but also be a nice gentle welcome when you come home.

The third tip is a quick way to remove odours from the air. Put vinegar in a spray bottle with 50% white vinegar and 50% water and spray around the room. This is a natural air freshener when sprayed in a room and will quickly remove any bad smells for those last minute freshen ups.

These tips not only work well butare natural tips so are far healthier than spraying aerosols or other chemical alternatives.

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Simple Steps To Carpet Stain Removal

Accidents and spillages happen on your carpet and upholstery but they don’t have to become permanent stains. If you deal with a spill as soon as it happens you’ll be in the best position to remove the dirt with ease.

Here’s a simple guide to remove spots and spill on your carpeting.

1. Clean them immediately. Catching the spill whilst it’s still fresh gives you a good chance of removing it totally
2. Use a dry towel to blot the spill before applying the cleaning solution, removing as much as the spill as possible.
3. Test the cleaning solution on a hidden area of your carpet or sofa to check for discolouration. Simply apply a small amount of solution to the fabric and leave for 30 seconds, and then use a white paper towel to soak up the product and check for colour transfer.
4. Apply the spot cleaner, working from the outside of the mark towards the inside. This prevents the mark from spreading further. Do not over apply the solution, a little can go a long way.
5. Blot up all the moisture with a dry towel. Do not rub the spill as this could spread the mark or damage the fibres.

Not all stains are permanent. If you can’t completely remove a spill it may be you’re using the wrong product, or perhaps don’t have equipment strong enough. It may be worth getting a professional carpet cleaner in to assess the mark, or looking online for a better product to try.

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How to Remove Limescale from an Eletric Kettle using Vinegar Only

kettle limescale

Limescale in Electric Kettle

Like most people in the UK I use an electric kettle to boil water for tea and coffee. The trouble with this is the kettle will quickly end up with a large build up of lime scale. If dealt with regularly it wont actually do any damage to the kettle, however after an extended period of time lime scale can build up and start to make the kettle look yucky (have a look at the first picture of my kettle), so I like to use this simple, low cost and natural way to clean my kettle from all traces of lime scale and calcium.

To naturally remove lime scale in kettles all you need is white vinegar and water; no toxic chemicals are required just white vinegar (must not be malt vinegar) which can be bought for less then £1 from you local supermarket and will clear your kettle 2/3 times so a very low cost method!

How to Remove Lime scale from a Kettle

I simply fill the kettle with water until all the affected areas are covered and set the kettle to boil. Once it’s finished I’ll add white vinegar (1/4 of the water in the kettle) and watch as the scale fizzes away in front of my eyes. I then simply let the kettle sit for around an hour and the lime scale will be completely dissolved. Have a look at image 2 to see a live example of my kettle.

Kettle De-scaler

Kettle De-scaled

I do this every couple of months so it doesn’t require much time to remove all the limescale. If it’s been a while since you last de scaled your kettle it may be worth trying a stronger mix of white vinegar and leaving it over night or perhaps repeating this process a couple of times. Be sure to re-boil the kettle with fresh water a couple of times before use.

This is the easiest, cheapest and safest way to completely remove lime scale from your kettle so well worth a try. If you give it a go I’d love to see before and after pictures of some heavily built up kettles so we can show how effective this natural cleaning method is.

This eco cleaning solution can also be used to clear lime scale from pots and pans and any other item that has a build up of lime scale. Do you have any items you use this method on? Let me know in the comments below.

You can buy White Vinegar for just 99p from our Natural Products online store.

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Keeping Your Carpet Clean. What You Can Do

Carpets are a great addition to any house, adding aesthetic appeal to any room. They can instantly make a cold house into a warm home enhancing furniture and decorations.

Keeping your carpets clean is the best way to ensure they keep their new welcoming appearance and also lengthens their lifespan. A lot of home owners will get a professional carpet cleaner in to clean their carpets when dirty but don’t realise there is ways to keep their carpets clean, but which is best?

The first step is to take your shoes off at the door to stop brining in all the nasty dirt from the outside. On paper this is a good idea however it’s easy to forget especially if you have kids this can be a problem keeping watch that they take them off when the enter the room.

If you have pets you can restrict their access to some rooms. A good idea can be to put something to prevent the pets from going upstairs. This way they walk on the heavy traffic areas which are typically already the dirtiest in a house, keeping the upstairs carpets fresh.

You can restrict the dirt from getting onto your carpets but it’s not possible to prevent it altogether so they will frequently need a little extra care to remove small particles, dirt, dust, microbes, pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. The best way to do this as a home owner is to regularly vacuum and vacuum correctly.

Depending on the heavily walked on the carpets are, vacuum once a week should be enough, though some people may like to vacuum twice a week or even daily for traffic lanes such as hallways and entrance areas.

Frequent vacuuming keeps carpets healthy and clean, removing loose soils, pet hair and loads of other nasties that naturally build up over time. Although it is difficult to completely rid of home allergens, vacuuming carpets regularly would significantly help in reducing them.

The Best Way to Vacuum

Before you vacuum, it’s best to remove any objects that get stuck in your vacuum such as large pieces of paper. If you’ve got an upright vacuum you should check the height of your carpet and adjust your beater bar to get optimum results. One area often forgotten is the vacuum bag. Check this at least every few weeks and replace it when it is full. Just remember that the dust that’s built up inside the bag has sat there for weeks. Although the particles may get caught if you’ve got a good HEPA filter, you may get some horrible smells being pushed around your nice and clean home.

Whilst you vacuum it is best to go slow and to overlap the strokes to make sure that you get as much dirt and hair off of your carpet. Slow strokes help lift the dirt and overlapping means you wont miss an area as any particles that are clinging on will now be loosened and ready to be vacuumed away

Use vacuum attachments to help you reach even the carpet’s edges and hard to reach places. This will help remove the black edges (also known as draught marks) though it wont completely remove them.

The final step to ensuring you have the freshest, cleanest, nicest carpets possible it to get them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. The frequency will depend on traffic but it’s advisable that you get them cleaned every 6 months if possible. If money is tight a good idea is to have the traffic lanes cleaned every 6 months, and the bedrooms cleaned once a year.

I hope you find this article helpful and you will be be able to use some of the tips to keep your carpets that little bit cleaner. If you have any ideas or unique ways to cleaning I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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Our website is carbon neutral

We are pleased to say that this website is carbon neutral. We have taken another step further in reducing our impact on the environment by offsetting the carbon produced from hosting this website. Although small this is just another step to ensuring we are the greenest cleaning company in Surrey.

This is a Carbon Neutral website - you should COCO

You can find our mark of environmental approval at the bottom of this website, as well as currently on page 2 on the website.

Do you have a carbon neutral website? It only takes a few minutes to work out your enviromental impact so why not offset today and let us know who you used in the comments below.

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Working with Green People

We’ve recently signed up to work in partnership with Green People.

There range of organic skin care products are fantastic we can personally recommend them along with their other products for sale. To find out more about what they sell have a read on their website.

Have you shopped with Green People? Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of their eco friendly natural products.

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